What I’m up to Now

Hello and welcome to my Now page. It’s something that Derek Sivers started.

Here’s what I’m working on:

  • Dreaming and looking at my life 5-10 years out
    • Zero-g flight
    • Trip to space
    • Creating more content (consistently)
    • More big trips with family and friends
  • Create a child theme for my personal site and astronomy site (been wanting to do this for MANY years)
  • Play more guitar and practice singing (when I watch TV the guitar comes out)
  • Reading Atomic Habits
  • Tidying up my “life” via the KonMari Method
    • My whole condo
    • My old room at my parents place
    • My personal laptops (using Mac OS system folders gave me a clean desktop, organized documents, photos, and music – can’t believe it took me this long!)
    • My digital photos (over half a TB and deleting photos I can move forward without – only up to 2020 now but seen 50 GB back in storage already!)

Update July 2021