What I’m up to Now

Hello and welcome to my Now page. It’s something that Derek Sivers started.

Here’s what I’m working on:

  • Settling into my new condo (moved on June 1)
  • DIY home projects – sanding the dining table I bought and finishing it, Leather & fabric seat cushion cover for the bench, installing interior doors for closets
  • Planning out summer trips like camping, cottages, and traveling
  • Started an idea for a podcast and did one interview – now I need to finish it and do up to 3 (including my parents)
  • Building my onsite monetization program at Home Depot Canada as I release new ad features and sales pitches, and create new systems to create a good experience for our vendors

What skills I feel are losing practice:

  • Guitar and music – since I was so focused on settling in I haven’t picked up the guitar and lost momentum from last year – I’ll start playing at least twice a week and check back in August
  • Writing – I used to do this a lot more but since I moved I haven’t made this part of my routine yet – not the most important thing at the moment but maybe look at this in Sep/Oct and see where we’re at
  • Brownspaceman blog/astronomy hobby – I haven’t written a post since Nov 2021
  • Photography – I haven’t gone out and shot for fun. I even stopped shooting with my iPhone or recording videos
  • Cooking – I haven’t brought back my cooking hobby since I left my last condo in Dec 2021

Updated June 2022